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In 2013, After completing his Masters in Automotive Design with DYP-DC, our Founder and Design Head Sai Shanmugam V had a vision – ‘To provide top quality customisations to any car at competitive prices’ and we have worked towards it with commitment & dedication to be where we are at now.

2013 : We started in a small garage which could just about fit 2 cars at a time. We landed our first order - a Renault Duster for which we custom fabricated the parts.

2014 : Word about Modsters and our work spread via social media, news articles and word of mouth. We couldn’t handle the demand at our small garage and we shifted to a bigger facility.

2015 : We expanded our skill set from just body works to doing upholstery, projectors, paint works and detailing. The Honda Civic that we built put us in the limelight in the automotive circle and also garnered attention from all over Asia.

2016 : We started our first restoration project which was HM Contessa. We also added our own touch to it which was talked about as one of the best muscle car builds in India

2017 : All our reviews, testimonials and good word of mouth started landing us premium car projects. We worked on Audi, BMW, Land Cruiser, Mercedes & many more premium cars

2018 : We are continuing to grow. We are now in a facility that can accommodate 20 cars at a time and we are a one stop shop for anything aesthetic for cars. We are also exploring performance upgrades and we will be launching that segment soon.

The only story more exciting than where we’ve been is where we’re going in the future!

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